Baikal 9mm


Barrel 121

Mag 10

Price $890


Comes with 2 Mags

Key design decisions MP-446 “VIKING” similar to 9 mm pistol Yarygina (9 mm AEs), adopted in 2003, the Russian army. The new weapon combines a fundamentally new advances in technology and material: frame pistol is made of heavy nylon. Steel base in the frame forms a guide for the gate and is the basis for the placement of trigger / firing mechanism. The work of automated gun based on the principle of return at short gate during the trunk. Locking is crooked trunk. The trigger hammer type with an open trigger allows for single shots as samovzvodom and a preliminary cocked the hammer. Safety of gun provides two-way non-automatic safety lever that blocks the sear, trigger and bolt. Trigger can be locked in as cocked and in a deflated state. Reset latch allows the store to fire on either the right or left hand. Shop with a steel body, double-row. The pistol has a pointer to the presence of bullets in the chamber, which allows you to control both visually and by touch. On order MP-446 “VIKING” is made in the version with adjustable rear sight.