Central Coast Armory and Guns is a Registered Amnesty Dealer and Hand in Centre

Phone First to make an appointment to drop off your weapons Ph 0413387745

Australia’s National Firearms Amnesty runs from 1
July to 30 September 2017.

The aim of the amnesty is to improve public
safety by reducing the number of unregistered firearms and firearm-related
articles in our community.

The amnesty will provide an opportunity for
those individuals, who for whatever reason, are in possession of an unregistered
firearm or firearm related article to hand the firearm/article in without fear
of prosecution. Prohibited Weapons are also able to be surrendered during the
In the first instance the
public will be encouraged to attend participating dealers for the registration,
sale or surrender of firearms. A list of approved participating dealers will be
available on the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry website