Hello to all fellow gun Owners, The law states that you must be Licenced to own, buy or keep any Type of Firearm, we at Central Coast Armory and Guns can take Posession of any Firearm’s you would like to hand in or to Get Rid of, We can Also Hold your Ffirearms if you go on Holidays or an extended Travel

Over Seas.

Even if your Firearms are not registered you Can Hand them in to us and all we need is your name and Address for our Records , Its not offence to hand firearms in , But it is an offence to keep them if you are not licenced .

You can call or e-mail us if you cant come to us , or you don’t want the responsibility of carrying the firearms with you in Transit and we will come to your Home , office or storage and pick them up and do all the paper work,

You will not be in any trouble with the NSW Police as we are a fully Licenced dealer and are able to take custody, but if you are caught By Police you will Be Fined heavily , Maybe even a custodial sentence, so its really not worth Keeping an Unlicensed Firearm.

Call Us Now to arrange hand in or safe storage

0413 387 745